United States: Powell cautiously awaited

Chinese growth is expected to exceed 6% in 2021

Growth in the euro area private sector accelerates further in June

Oil: WTI at its highest since November 2014!

“Growth stocks will do well” according to Carmignac

Oil: new failure of OPEC negotiations, the summit postponed today

Germany: the return of inflation, a “time bomb”, worried

Cryptocurrencies: the Fed denounces an unfortunate fad

Bank of England status quo

Strongest growth for fifteen years in the private sector of the euro zone!

United States: Powell plays it safe, Wall Street appreciates

Rising prices weigh on home sales in the United States

Fed: Jerome Powell repeats inflation will be temporary

Oil barrel is still climbing!

Commodities: The super-cycle is still in progress, according to Goldman Sachs

United States: no risk of hyperinflation said Yellen

Currencies: the dollar jumps after the announcements of the Fed!

Gold bears the brunt of the Fed’s change of tone (-4.7%)

EU stimulus plan: investors flock to the first loan !

Oil: WTI at its highest since October 2018, when will the $ 100 be?

Jobs: United Kingdom facing “one of the worst labor shortages in the world”, fears over growth

NATO rules out any possibility of a “new cold war” with China

United Arab Emirates: an undying attractiveness, global corporate tax or not?

G7: a global infrastructure plan against China

Growth, inflation … the ECB raises its forecasts for the euro zone economy

Wall Street: inflation and the Fed in perspective

Bitcoin continues its dizzying fall

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk … Several American billionaires have evaded taxes for years

“Schumpeterian growth could again dominate Keynesian”, according to Indosuez WM

Stock market: Did the former Fed’s No. 1 send a message about interest rates ?

In China, the huge jump in imports over one year

GameStop, cryptos, SPAC, AMC… On Wall Street, one bubble drives out the other

G7 lays groundwork for sweeping global tax reform

Joe Biden extends ban on US investments in Chinese companies

Strong growth in service sector activity confirmed in May

Stimulus plan: the EU can start its common debt process

Currencies: the euro remains the second most used currency in the world after the dollar

United States: economic recovery is accelerating, but without overheating (Fed’s Beige Book)

Gafam tax: Washington establishes then suspends customs duties for six European countries

EXXON: oil on the rise

Oil: Washington suspends drilling in a protected area of the Arctic

Covid-19: Australian economy returns to pre-pandemic level

Ethereum to Score Points Against Bitcoin: Stock Market Tip of the Day

Inflation hits the symbolic 2% threshold in the euro zone

Bitcoin, Ethereum … cryptocurrencies now available on the Paris Stock Exchange

Iran wants to triple its oil production, a “priority” to boost its “power”

OPEC + ready to step up oil production

The OECD shows its optimism for the world economy but beware of “headwinds”

Deutsche Bank in the sights of the United States, risk of new fine!