12 (MORE) Dividend Stocks for Cash Flow Every Week

The first weekly dividends video was one of the most popular on the channel. Now I’m updating it for even higher dividend yield and cash flow. Check out the previous dividend portfolio list and let me know which you like best!

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That previous list of dividend stocks produced a 3.6% dividend yield which is more than twice the yield on the stock market but not as high as I wanted. It went on to produce a 41% return including the price. With this updated dividend portfolio, you’ll earn an even higher yield of 5% and get your dividend payments every week.

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a weekly dividend stock portfolio and how to find the best dividend stocks to buy. I’ll then reveal the 12 dividend stocks that will pay you every week and exactly how much to invest.

How this works is, I’ve found 12 dividend stocks that pay out in different weeks every three months. For example, our first stock, Bristol-Myers Squib pays out in the first week of January, April, July and October. Another on the list, Kinder Morgan, is going to pay out the first week of February, May, August and November. So putting these stocks together strategically like this in a portfolio makes sure you’re never more than a week away from a dividend payment.

This all starts with the fact that most dividend stocks pay out each year on extremely consistent schedules. Dividend investors love that certainty and consistency so directors of these companies try to declare and pay those dividends on the same week every three months, some even down to the same day.

So you can put together a list of your top dividend stocks or do like I did and research all 360 stocks in the S&P 500 that pay dividends. You then go to a site like Yahoo Finance, you go to the stock and here I’ll click on the Historical Data tab. I can change the time period to the last five years and then to show dividends only and click apply. So the site is going to show me the ex-dividend date of every dividend payment for the stock over the last five years.

And you can see these are consistently the same time during the same months. For example, AT&T consistently has that dividend date towards the end of the first week in January, April, July and October and that’s going to be paid out about a week after the ex-dividend date listed. Once you have that list of dividend stocks, you can plan it out like I’ve done for this portfolio. You pick your dividend stocks according to which are going to provide payments in different months and weeks.

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Now by far the most asked question on that last video was, “How much do I need to invest to make one-hundred or two-hundred dollars a week?” So I wanted to show you exactly how much to invest for that weekly cash flow.

And it’s actually pretty easy to find the amount you need to invest. You just take the amount you want each week, so let’s start with $50 and then divide that by the dividend yield. You can do that for an individual stock or we’ll use the portfolio average for our 12 stocks of 5% dividends, so $50 divided by 0.05 gives us $1000 we need to invest.

But now that dividend yield is always shown in an annual percentage so if we want to make that much every week, we have to times it by 52 for weeks in a year. That means, at a 5% dividend yield, if we invested $52,000 in the stocks of this portfolio, we would earn about $50 a week.

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