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Welcome back to our YouTube Channel! Today’s video features 3 UNDERVALUED dividend growth stocks to buy. 2 of the dividend stocks are in the techology sector and 1 of the dividend stocks are in the retail sector.

Why do we love dividend investing? Simple. Dividend investing is the best and easiest form of passive income. You receive your income, and you can watch it grow, without lifting a finger! Ultimately, the goal is to use dividend income, as the main source of passive income, on the journey to financial freedom!

In this video, we review the 3 stocks and run them through the Dividend Diplomats Dividend Stock Screener to show why these are cheap stocks. Will you be buying these three stocks after the video?! Let’s find out.

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The stock market continues to surprise. After another fascinating week, that saw many swings, we continue to see more potential investment opportunities present themselves. To us, nothing is better than seeing some red days and stocks go on sale. In fact, red days in the market are our FAVORITE days.

How exactly did we come up with this list? You know the investing stock metrics we use!

We always push the dividend stocks we are considering buying through the Dividend Diplomats Stock Screener. The Screener focuses on 3 key metrics:
1.) Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio that is less than S&P 500, preferably under 18-20x earnings
2.) Dividend Payout Ratio that is less than 60%, with 40%-60% being the perfect sweet spot
3.) Dividend Growth & Dividend Growth Rate history for the company is critical
*Bonus Metric*: The Dividend Yield is also looked at, as a bonus or cherry on top after passing the 3 metrics above.

All 3 companies pass the metrics with flying colors. In fact, all three companies have dividend payout ratios below our perfect dividend payout ratio range. The safety of these dividends are STRONG, exactly what we like to see.

After watching this video, let us know if you think these are solid dividend stocks to buy OR if there are other dividend stocks you are buying now. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on opportunities in the current stock market.

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Lastly, we recommend conducting your own research to make your own decisions.

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