Dividend Investing Explained: Can Dividend Investing Generate the Income You Need in Retirement?

Dividend investing has quickly become a popular retirement strategy in recent decades.

A quick search on google will bring up books and articles with intriguing headlines like:

*”You CAN Retire On $600K (Or Less) On Dividends Alone” OR
“Dividend Growth Investing: Get a Steady 8% Per Year Even in a Zero Interest Rate World”
“The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy: How to Keep Your Retirement Income Doubling Every Five Years”

These are some big promises! Do dividends stand up to these promises.
In some ways, yes. In other ways, no.

In this week’s Wealth Wednesday, we are going to break down dividend investing and tell you what it can and can’t do for your retirement.

We will discuss:

✅ What are dividends and why it might be attractive to retirees

✅ Dividend yield explained and how it factors into choosing a dividend investment

✅ The benefits and drawbacks of this retirement income strategy and how it compares to other income strategies

✅ Why the changing taxation of dividends changes the value of a dividend. (Also, which retirement account you want to avoid investing in dividend stocks)

✅ Breaking down some common dividend myths that can lead to a rude awakening in retirement

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Always remember, “You Don’t Need More Money; You Need a Better Plan”

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