I lost 30% with this dividend stock! Should I just sell it? Or, should I buy more? Learn about my dividend stock investing strategy in today’s video, with many investing lessons and insights. Also, learn about some recent stocks that I purchased just this week. I have a lot of ground to cover!#dividend #stock #investing

0:00 Introduction
1:49 SEGMENT 1: Utz Brands Inc. (UTZ) Dividend Stock Analysis (as compared to PepsiCo)
2:40 I bought UTZ over the last year to add some growth to my portfolio.
3:07 I added growth-oriented positions to my stock portfolio in 2021, as a strategic theme.
3:32 Context: UTZ is only ~0.9% of my portfolio. So, the 30% drop is a “rounding error”.
4:32 UTZ and PEP are trading in a similar valuation range.
5:29 UTZ offers high growth, and also high volatility and risk.
5:57 Why is UTZ dropping in share price so much?
7:26 UTZ Dividend Stock Earnings Report Analysis
9:30 SEGMENT 2: When I sell dividend stocks. (And, when I do not sell dividend stocks.)
11:24 Key Point: As a long-term investor, I do not worry about swings of 30% in share price, one way or the other.
11:54 If business fundamentals change beyond my level of comfort, I will sell.
12:59 I’m ok holding when fundamental changes are temporary.
13:52 I will sell if there is a non-temporary dividend cut or suspension.
15:08 SEGMENT 3: Dividend Stock Investing Insights and Lessons
15:30 Don’t Forget: Investing is like a bar of soap!
16:20 Just because someone sells into a downtrend (and brags about it), that does not mean that investor is right.
17:10 My strategy is about long-term investing, and NOT trading.
17:33 Thoughts about emotions and investing.
18:44 Famous Benjamin Graham Quote: Voting Machine vs. Weighing Machine
20:24 Key Point: Stock prices for dividend investors are largely irrelevant.
22:30 I love dividend investing because I don’t need to watch day-to-day fluctuations in share price. These fluctuations are irrelevant to me.
23:51 Key Point: Be careful what you are putting out there in the world.
25:49 SEGMENT 4: Case Study of Dividend Stock Purchases (That Have Tanked and Then Skyrocketed)
26:11 AAPL Dividend Stock Analysis
26:53 MMM Dividend Stock Analysis
27:23 CAT Dividend Stock Analysis
28:01 PM Dividend Stock Analysis
28:22 TGT Dividend Stock Analysis
29:41 SEGMENT 5: Dividend Stocks I Bought This Week
29:44 I bought more Clorox (CLX)
31:27 I bought more Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Here’s my wife’s experience investing in Target (TGT):

Here’s my video interview with Greg, a dividend investor who will live off dividends soon:

DISCLOSURE: I am long Utz Brands Inc (UTZ), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), PepsiCo (PEP), Clorox (CLX), Dutch Bros (BROS), Coinbase (COIN), Apple (AAPL), 3M (MMM), Caterpillar (CAT), and Philip Morris (PM). I own these stocks in my personal stock portfolio. My wife is long Target (TGT).

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