Dividend Investing Stories: How $12/Hr Turned Into Half a Million Dollars

Hi everyone and welcome back to Continues To Tick, in this week’s video we go over another Dividend Investing Story, this time the story of Mr. Earl, and how despite working a low wage job, making $12/Hr as a parking lot attendant, was able to amass a Dividend Portfolio of over half a million dollars. In addition, to the story, as we always do I go over my portfolios progress and dividend payouts over this last week. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing and liking the video for this ongoing journey, as it won’t be stopping anytime soon. See you next week!
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00:00 Intro
03:15 The Story of Mr. Earl
07:55 Portfolio Review of This Past Week
10:22 Dividend Payouts
11:02 Closing Remarks

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