Investing $1000 Into Dividend Stocks – LIVE!

To celebrate hitting the 1000 subscriber mark, I will be investing $1000 into dividend stocks LIVE on this video! Stay tuned to see which dividend stocks I’ll be investing in with this $1000, and how it impacts my dividend portfolio as a whole.

To be honest, I’ve never invested this much at one time into dividend stocks, so this will be quite an adventure, and an exciting one at that. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel so far, it truly means a lot, and I’m glad to have you all along for the journey. Let’s get into it!

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Watch this video for a full walkthrough of the Dividend Portfolio Tracker spreadsheet v2.0 –

0:00​​ – Intro
1:25 – Purchase #1 (ABBV)
3:31 – Purchase #2 (T)
5:05 – Purchase #3 (EPD)
6:41 – Purchase #4 (SO)
7:50 – Portfolio Gains!
10:13 – Conclusion

The ideas and opinions presented in this video are meant for informational and entertainment purposes only, are not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security in any account, and are not an offer or sale of a security. They are also not research reports and are not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision.

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