Is Waste Management Stock (WM) a Buy? [Dividend Investing]

In this video, I analyze Waste Management Stock (WM) to see if they are a good investment to make in May 2020. I speak about both the waste disposal and recycling management industries, analyze their income statement, and balance sheet, and summarize their dividends and the safety of the dividends. If you are a defensive investor or dividend investor, you will want to watch this one until the end!
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As a 22-year old, I have a couple years of investment experience under my belt. Over this time period, I have invested in some stock that have drastically outperformed the market, while at the same time falling short on some others. All of this allowed me to yield an annual return of 49% on my investment in 2019 through investing in my Roth IRA account.

I believe that there is an inherent advantage to investing in instruments that generate CASH FLOW for your portfolio. By analyzing these stocks, the goal is to not only build a safer portfolio while at the same time, keeping pace with the market in terms of total investment return. By investing in stocks that pay safe but substantial dividends, I not only will create this cash flow, but I will maintain a constant, steady stream of stock buying.

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