My M1 Finance Dividend Growth Portfolio March 2021 Update!

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Hello! I am The Millennial Investor! My goal of this channel is to grow a dividend growth portfolio from scratch using M1 Finance. My primary focus is dividend growth investing. I use M1 Finance as my dividend growth investing platform. M1 finance is a very reliable brokerage which has some amazing dividend investing features. My M1 Finance dividend investing portfolio is extremely simple to use and my link to my “pie” will be shared in the description. For those watching my channel who are beginners, I will be answering some of the questions you may have about stock market investing and dividend investing. How to use M1 Finance? What are the best dividend stocks to buy for beginners? How to make a dividend portfolio? How does the dividend reinvestment strategy work? What is the best M1 Finance dividend portfolio? Stock market investing for beginners can be very overwhelming. In my videos I hope to answer your stock market investing questions as simple as possible. Just like the M1 Finance dividend portfolio that I’ve created, coming up with what dividend stocks you should buy can be a little difficult. While dividend growth investing is my primary strategy, there are other stock market investing methods available. Growth stock investing and index fund investing for beginners will be covered in videos as well. Bond ETF investing will also be covered. In all of my videos I will be 100% transparent. All stocks I buy and sell through M1 Finance, percentage changes in the dividend growth portfolio, and the best stocks to buy in 2020 will all be disclosed. Seeing a dividend growth portfolio through M1 Finance with all moves fully disclosed will give you a better picture of stock market investing. You can review my successes and failures in my M1 Finance dividend portfolio and build upon that to determine stocks to buy for your own M1 Finance dividend portfolio. I am beginning this dividend growth portfolio in April 2020. Thanks for watching!

A little bit about me….. I am currently a 21 year-old college student who is looking at potentially becoming a financial advisor. I work in the financials industry. Simmons First (SNFC). Yes it’s a public company so go check out their stock. My viewers are not only allowed but encouraged to comment on videos to ask questions for me to cover in future videos. You can ask me questions about what are the best dividend stocks to buy? What do I think about the current situation with the stock market? Will I be selling any stocks in my dividend growth portfolio? Why is dividend investing better than growth investing? If I am new to the stock market, what are the first stocks that I should buy? How much money do you need to start with to buy dividend stocks? These are all example questions which I would love to answer in future videos so comment away!

Disclaimer: All content is strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell a security. All recommendations are not financial advice. I am not a licensed professional and any investment decision should be consulted by an actual professional. All recommendations are strictly opinion based and are not factual. This is not an offer or sale of a security. This is not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of an investment decision.

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