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It’s all about finding dividend stocks to buy now in the month of July! We are half way through the yea rand the stock market continues to set record marks, such as the S&P 500 hitting 4,300! However, regardless of the market, we must continue to stay invested, building that passive income stream.

That is why we use dividend investing, as the main and best source of passive income on the journey to financial freedom! We continue to find undervalued stocks to buy now, in this potentially overvalued stock market. If you are a beginner investing or wondering how to start dividend investing or how to start investing, we believe you have come to a great channel for that!

Let’s dive on in and see the three dividend stocks to buy!

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As always, we use our trusty Dividend Diplomat Stock Screener, which contain these 3 dividend stock metrics:
1.) Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E) less than the S&P 500
2.) Dividend Payout Ratio less than 60%; with the perfect payout ratio between 40% and 60%
3.) Dividend Growth Rate and Dividend Growth History
*Lastly – we offer the bonus metric – the dividend yield, to see if the yield is greater than the broader stock market.

Therefore, we found 3 dividend stocks that are currently undervalued! In fact, these 3 dividend stocks could have upside, as well as strong, future dividend growth.

We featured three significant industries. Those being pharmaceutical or healthcare, telecommunications or technology AND banking. Talk about three dividend industries, all that are very relevant in today’s market. In fact, the one is the clear COVID-19 or the Coronavirus vaccine winner, the other the 5G winner.

Therefore, do you think these are dividend stocks to buy now? What stocks do you have on your watch list heading into July? Share your feedback in the comments.

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As always, we recommend conducting your own research to make your own decisions.

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