Top 5 Dividend ETFs to Hold FOREVER

Dividend ETFs are a great way for investors to earn a solid dividend while diversifying their money amongst a bunch of holdings. The best dividend ETFs are those that offer great returns, a low expense ratio, as well as a consistent dividend! That is what these best dividend ETFs in this video offer!

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These are the top dividend etfs in 2021 listed in this video:

VIG – Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF. This ETF offers investors a higher growth, low yield focus that in due time the companies inside this ETF will be heavy dividend payers. Holding companies like MSFT and V, the dividend won’t be great…. yet. But the amazing historical growth of the ETF will definitely make up for it! This is a great ETF for younger investors wanting that dividend but also wanting to see growth as well!

VYM – Vanguard High Dividend ETF. This fund offers investors lower growth, but a higher yield focus. This is a great dividend income related ETF. Seeing a yield of over 2% is a great sign for a dividend ETF. Holding companies like JNJ and XOM, your growth won’t be huge, but the higher dividend yield will be what makes up for it! This is a great ETF for someone looking for dividend income!

SCHD – Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF. This ETF looks to find companies with quality and sustainable dividends. Another 2%+ yielding ETF. Holding companies like PEP and MMM, this is a great middle of growth & income dividend ETFs!

DGRO – iShares Core Dividend Growth ETF. This is an ETF that offers you a great mix of both growth & income. With a yield of over 2% and holding some big growth named stocks like MSFT and VZ, this ETF has been solid recently. A fairly newer ETF but one that can fit into nearly any investing strategy that one may have!

SPYD – State Street S&P 500 High Dividend ETF. Similar to VYM, this ETF is aiming for the high dividends. A great ETF for an investor looking for income. With over a 3% yield, this is the highest yielding ETF on this list. However, because of that, the growth of the ETF is not up to par with the other ETFs on this list.

All in all, dividend focused ETFs are a great way to diversify your money while also earning those dividends!

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